On Thursday afternoon, multiple terrorist attacks occurred in Spain, drawing massive attention from around the world. First Lady Melania Trump decided to offer her thoughts and prayers over what took place, but was met with backlash from those who oppose the current administration.

Melania on Twitter

In recent years, the Islamic State (ISIS) has either carried out terrorist attacks directly or inspired others to follow in their footsteps. Where it's in Europe, the United States, or other nations around the world, the threat of Islamic terrorism has become a sad reality for many to deal with.

It was on Thursday in Barcelona when a van plowed through a crowd, injuring over 100 while killing 14 in the process. Less than 24 hours prior, a home in nearby Alcanar exploded leaving one dead, with another terror attack taking place on Friday in Cambrils. Authorities believe that the incidents were possibly related, with ISIS coming forward to take credit for what took place. Spain's Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy labeled the incident as an attack by "jihadi terrorism," with United States President Donald Trump issuing similar remarks. Not long after the attacks took place, Melania Trump tweeted out a short response on August 17.

Following the deadly attacks in Barcelona, Melania Trump took to Twitter to offer her thoughts.

"Thoughts and prayers to Barcelona," the first lady quickly published to her social media account. Donald Trump took a harder line in his words, tweeting, "Study what General Pershing of the United States did to terrorists when caught. There was no more Radical Islamic Terror for 35 years!"

Twitter reacts

In response to Melania Trump's tweet, those who oppose Donald Trump and the administration were quick to fire back.

"Remember to tell your husband that he must wait at least three days before placing any blame. Facts, you know," one Twitter user wrote.

"Put less effort into a condolences tweet.....

oh wait, that wouldn't be possible. This literally isn't even a full sentence," another tweet went on to read. "How is the anti-bullying campaign going? Ever considered staring with your hubby?" an additional tweet noted.

"I must have missed your tweet where you sent thoughts and prayers to #Charlottesville...#wtf #bigotry," yet another tweet read. As the backlash continued against Melania Trump, it was made clear that the rift between those on the political left and right wasn't going to end anytime soon.