Prince William and Kate Middleton recently went on a trip with their children Prince George and Princess Charlotte. But reports said that the Duke of Cambridge broke important protocol with regards to the security of the royal family.

According to security protocol for the British royal family, crowned officials such as Prince William are not allowed to fly with their heirs on one plane. But during their recent trip to Germany, Vogue reported that the Duke rode on the same plane with his son, Prince George.

Though there is no written rule about this, it has been a tradition to follow the protocol to avoid accidents that can damage the royal lineage.

The four-year-old Prince George is said to be “third in line” to the British throne, after Prince Charles and his father.

The White House also follows the same protocol. It does not allow the Vice President to fly on Air Force One, the traffic control call sign for any aircraft that will carry the united states president, Vogue added.

With their recent trip to Germany and Poland, it seems that the royal family is not too serious about following the protocol. Is Prince William breaking the rules?

Asking for permission

BBC recently reported that Prince William had to ask for special permission from the Queen in order fly abroad with his son. The Queen reportedly granted him permission to fly with his family to New Zealand and Australia in the coming months.

A spokesperson for the royal family told BBC that despite the fact that there are no official rules written about this protocol, the Queen will always decide on these matters.

Kate Middleton’s autograph

Meanwhile, another royal protocol reported prevented the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton for signing autographs. OK! Magazine recently reported that Kate, Prince William, and Prince Harry are technically not allowed to sign autographs for their fans.

The royal family is also banned from taking selfies with fans during parades, motorcades, and public events, the report added.

The reason for this etiquette is to protect the signatures of the royal family members from being forged, duplicated or stolen. But this rule has also been broken in the past, OK! Magazine noted.

In 2010, Prince Charles allegedly signed an autograph for a flood victim during his humanitarian projects. The article also recalled the time when Prince Harry gave an autographed photo of himself to former United States president Barack Obama.