Scaramucci is in the news for the wrong reasons but despite his present trouble, the man has had a checkered career after he graduated from Harvard in 1989 and headed straight for Wall Street. He did well there and rose up the ladder though his father was from humble origins - he was a construction worker. The man was selected by Trump who needed someone who could deflect the press attacks on his administration. The president was worried because of the “Russian connection" gaining ground even after he had labeled it as a ”witch hunt”. Scaramucci did exactly the opposite he generated negative publicity because he miscalculated his role.

He launched into an attack on the previous incumbent White House chief of staff Reined Priebus as a "paranoid schizophrenic" and threatened to kill all news leakers. This raised the hackles of the Press and Trump who was thinking of a favorable coverage was stumped as reported by BBC.

Ten-day wonder

He compounded matters by talking to Ryan Liza of the New Yorker when he was live on CNN. He alluded to an earlier conversation where he had asked the reporter to reveal his sources of information in the White House. After that for the next half hour, he lambasted Washington political culture in general, being careful to sing praises of the President. This generated a lot of negative Press and the new man appointed by Trump was in deep water.

Trump sacked him after that and Scaramucci has become a 10-day wonder.

Scaramucci’s failure

Scaramucci did not realize that he had been brought in to blunt the press and not create controversy. Trump is an astute man and he realized that Scaramucci was not the man he wanted. He sacked him and brought in General Kelly. Trump has a fascination for generals and he will be hoping Kelly will steady the rocking ship.

The president is almost under siege with one of the lowest approval rating in American history. In addition, Congress is serious about the investigation into the Russian connection and many of the stalwarts like Lindsay Graham and John McCain are antagonistic to him. Congress created history when in a bipartisan vote they shackled the president’s hands so he could not lift the Russian sanctions without approval from Congress.

Trump on a sticky wicket

Trump has realized he is on a sticky wicket and he didn’t need men like Scaramucci who generated more controversy. That is the last thing Trump wants as he looks to Kelly to steady the ship. Scaramucci was surprised at his sacking but he stood by the President.