A country where a woman was arrested for wearing a miniskirt last month, is planning to open luxury resort where women will be allowed to wear bikinis instead of full body covering hijab, is really shocking and unexpected news for the conservative Muslim World. Now, they have to accept that changing is the necessity of time. When time demands the change, it breaks all the laws and events every up and down. Despite all the bans, a woman comes out in a miniskirt, shows that desires are forcibly fastened within walls. They have also to accept that their religious bonds have been rusted and about to shred.

The laws on women in Saudi Arabia are most repressive in the world. Women are not allowed to go out alone without prior permission of the guardian. Every part of the body should be covered even nails too. Women cannot drive in the country. This is not the law they have made for themselves but it is already made by Shari’a aka Shari’ah law imposed by Islam. But it is not equally enforced in every part of the country; some exceptional cases can be seen on roads.

A future plan to develop a tourist destination

Saudi Arabia’s new heir to the throne, Mohammed bin Salman wants to make the country a tourist hub like Dubai and Abu Dhabi. For this purpose, he is planning to open a luxury Red Sea resort in northwest coastline where women will be allowed to wear everything even bikini.

The resort will be on international standard and attractive to the European tourists. Another purpose of the plan is to develop tourism to lessen the dependence on oil in the economy.

Alcohol is totally prohibited in the country rather in Islam even selling, supplying and doing business of it also not allowed. It is not clear in the proposal yet whether alcohol will be allowed on the bikini resort.

What do Islamic scholars think?

“It is already described in prophecies of Mohammed, peace be upon him.” It was the response of a Muslim scholar when I tried to know his view on the news circulating in media. He further said: “Arabs will play in the hands of the West, adopt their lifestyles, and follow their rules in general life, and finally will be killed by them.” “All these will happen because all these are predicted by the prophet Mohammed, so it is not shocking. It means that the Day of Judgment is very near.”

After all let’s welcome the decision, these kinds of statements are not new. The things should be happen always happen, criticism has been part of it.