Donald Trump is back in New York City as he takes time away from his trip to his private golf club in New Jersey. As part of a late-night tweetstorm, the president decided to reassure the American people that the United States is his home.

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Years before Donald Trump even decided to run for president, he was the most outspoken critic of former President Barack Obama in regards to his birthplace. Trump was the leading voice for the controversial "birther movement," which claimed, without credible evidence, that Obama faked his birth certificate and was actually born in Kenya instead of Hawaii.

Despite the overwhelming evidence that disproved their theory, Trump and the birthers didn't back down. Fast forward to present day and the former host of "The Apprentice" is the new president having currently served over six months in the White House. Despite this, Trump has struggled to follow through on many of his campaign promises, which has resulted in just a 35 percent approval rating according to the most recent round of polls. As seen on his Twitter account on August 14, Trump decided to tweet out about his love for New York City, while doubling down on the fact that his home is in the United States.

Taking to Twitter late Monday night, Donald Trump voiced his joy for returning back to New York City just hours earlier, while also showing love for the White House and the United States.

"Feels good to be home after seven months, but the White House is very special, there is no place like it..." Trump tweeted, before concluding, "and the U.S. is really my home!"

Donald Trump tweeted about his return to New York earlier in the day, claiming that his arrival was to take care of potential trade deals.

"Leaving for New York City and meetings on military purchases and trade," Trump wrote. In addition, the president also spent time on social media bashing the Democratic Party over the issue of trade. "The Obstructionist Democrats have given us (or not fixed) some of the worst trade deals in World History," the commander in chief tweeted, while noting, "I am changing that fast!"

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While Donald Trump arrived in New York City, he was also met by a large crowd of protesters who came together outside of Trump Tower. At least one individual was arrested, as critics of the president protested against Trump's response to the recent white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.