Cong. Zoe Lofgren (D-California) has introduced a new bill that would compel Donald Trump to be examined by medical and psychiatric professionals to determine whether he is capable in running the nation. On Friday, the member of the Democratic Party cited that the POTUS has shown "an alarming pattern of behavior and speech causing concern that a mental disorder may have rendered him unfit and unable to fulfill his Constitutional duties" as the U.S. leader.

Dem member proposes that Trump undergo medical evaluation

She added that even the public and several GOP members have noticed these "increasingly disturbing pattern of actions and public statements that suggest he may be mentally unfit to execute the duties required of him." Zoe Lofgren noted that Donald Trump has not provided "a serious medical evaluation" since he was seated at the White House in January.

She went on and requested Mike Pence and the Cabinet members to provide the services of medical and psychiatric professionals to determine whether Donald Trump is suffering from mental health issues or other injury that could compromise his job as the U.S. president.

Should the new bill passed, the POTUS can be removed from his position if the results of his medical evaluation be unfavorable. This is in accordance to the 25th Amendment that allows the vice president and a majority of Cabinet members to remove the leader from his seat.

In an interview with Mercury News, Zoe Lofgren admitted that she is not expecting that her proposed bill would pass. She, however, is hoping that this move would "stimulate conversation" and would challenge Donald Trump to undergo medical evaluation for his people.

Leaders react to Trump's statement on Charlottesville violence

A few days ago, the congresswoman thought there was "seriously wrong" with the U.S. president when he refused to condemn the Nazis for holding a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville that led to the death of one counter-protester. "Why can't he just condemn Nazis?

Unscripted words today show who he really is. Shameful," she said.

Her statements came after Donald Trump failed to single out the supremacists in his speech regarding Charlottesville rallies. Instead, the POTUS said his administration condemned the act of violence "on many sides" which he said has been going for so many years.

Zoe Lofgren, among other leaders, criticized the U.S. president for his statements on the issue. Sen. Cory Gardner reminded Donald Trump to "call evil by its name," while Gov. Chris Christie urged others to speak up on the violence on the white supremacist rally.