The officers at Daytona Beach were alerted of an elderly Man by a woman whose 16-year-old daughter was given a business card by the same person. The card read “sugar daddy seeking his Sugar Baby” and had a picture of an elderly man in a business suit. There was also the image of a young girl who was clad in shorts and high heels and was sitting on his lap, while his right hand was on her thigh. The officers got hold of the man who is 73 years old and asked him to stop giving his cards to anyone. He has been banned from all beaches in Daytona, Florida, for the next six months.

Who is the sugar, daddy?

The 73-year-old “sugar daddy” is Richard Basaraba. He was not arrested by Volusia County Beach police as none of the officers saw him handing out the cards. He has just been banned from visiting the beaches as soliciting in a public place is not allowed, and he violated that ordinance.

Basaraba is devastated about how incidents turned out to be. He said, he wasn’t trying to entice anyone to do anything illegal and, thus, when he spoke to a bunch of young girls he did not suspect that things would turn out to be this way.

He did not know that the girl whom he was giving the card to was just 16 years old. He erroneously thought she was older because of her physical developments and appearance.

When the girl revealed her age and that she was a minor, Richard asked her to call him when she turns eighteen. He also gave cards to two of her other friends who were 18 according to a Time report.

Consequences of not following the order: beach ban for six months

The ban that is imposed on Richard is a trespass order. If this is violated, then an arrest can be made for trespassing.

He seemed upset about the whole incident and stated that he had recently bought a shirt which read “accepting applications for a sugar baby.” He also took pictures with numerous women who found the whole thing hilarious. They even posted these pictures to their Facebook. Richard also said that older women understood the joke while the younger ones didn’t.

Ricjard is a widower and has a daughter and a grand-daughter who do not stay that far away from his residence. He said that he had no bad intentions and the authorities could check his bank account, where he had no money to afford a sugar baby. He didn’t even have any assets and lived his life in a very humble manner. It is anybody's guess whether the incident was a joke as he claims or the 73-year-old was serious about finding a sugar baby.