After years of being a giant alarm clock in London, the iconic Big Ben is reportedly undergoing into “major conservation works,” CNN reported Monday.

This means that the locals will not be able to hear the chimes of the bell for the next four years, the United Kingdom Parliament said in the report. The last sound from the giant clock was heard at noon last Monday, and will not be heard again until 2021.

For 157 years, the iconic structure has kept time around London and has been part of many pop media such as movies, television shows and music videos.

The major conservation repairs that the structure will go through are reportedly worth around $42 million.

Steve Jaggs, the Keeper of the Great Clock said in the report that the silence of the bells will be a significant milestone in the conservation efforts. CNN noted that the clock will be safeguarded, preserved and protected on a long-term basis.

Big Ben also stopped chiming in 2007 because of another maintenance project. It reportedly went on the same process during the 1980s as well, the article added.

Big Ben in pop media

The Telegraph has an account of the appearance of this remarkable London building in various media such as movies, television and animations. It was used either as scene backdrop, part of the story or where actors fought in battle scenes.

The huge clock has been featured various Disney productions such as “Peter Pan” and “Mary Poppins” in 1953 and 1964 respectively.

The area where it sits, the Houses Of Parliament has been used as background for a broomstick flying scene in “Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix.” Furthermore, Telegraph also noted that Big Ben became a major part in the story of “Thunderball,” a James Bond installment in 1965.

The building has also been reportedly featured in “Doctor Who: Aliens Of London” in 2005, “The Thirty-Nine Steps” in 1978, and “28 Days Later” in 2002. A famous animated series met with the famous clock in various scenes shown in “Mr. Bean.”

Not a total shutdown

The Big Ben may undergo into important repairs and maintenance works, but CNN noted that it is not a total shutdown.

The locals in London can still be able to hear the building chime for notable events of national importance, such as Remembrance Sunday and New Year’s Eve.

This historical landmark has drawn a number of tourists from around the world, taking photos with the structure and the Houses of Parliament.