Facebook is about to shake the world of online video consumption and creation. After making headlines for allegedly entering the Chinese market despite the ban, the social media giant is introducing a new hub for digital content called Watch.

Facebook attempts to tap strong demand for video content

The social media giant has rolled out a new Video Hosting network called “Watch”. According to Arab News, the new hub is a clever move towards achieving the goal of getting its users to spend more time inside the Facebook realm. “Watch” serves as the avenue for users to discover videos that feed their interest.

The hub also serves as a platform for video publishers and creator. The network is capable of customizing its content so that each user can easily access the videos that are popular among their friends and community.

The launch of Facebook’s video hosting network is currently limited to the United States. However, the social media giant is targeting international release. As of now, Facebook is still in the process of collating feedbacks from the current limited set of users. No dates have been set yet for release in countries outside the US.

It is clear that “Watch” is the social media giant’s attempt to enter the original digital content market which is currently dominated by YouTube. The video hosting industry competition is becoming exciting as more players join in.

In fact, earlier this year, Snapchat confirmed the opening of an office in Dubai which is known for recording globally leading levels of online video consumption. Obviously, Facebook is already eyeing the promising video consumption market.

According to Carat digital media director Rabah Assaf, the most impressive feature of “Watch” is its targeted and specific content dissemination.

The feature unique to Facebook’s video network is its major edge. The director adds that such feature can change the game in the Saudi market. J3 MENA associate social media director Claire Fletcher says competitors should be concerned.

Facebook’s “Watch” is drawing publishers' attention

Mediapost reports that several top publishers are already testing original video content on “Watch”.

In fact, some publishers have already commenced the production of programs and shows for Facebook’s video network. Some of the top publishers who have already placed their bets in “Watch” include Hearst, Refinery 29, Quartz, Condé Nast Entertainment, Group Nine Media and The Atlantic. Non-publishers such as NASA are also providing original video content for “Watch”. According to reports, Facebook pays about $10,000 to $25,000 for every episode while publishers receive about 55% of advertising revenues.