When the three London attackers plowed into pedestrians on London Bridge, they were planning for much more carnage. As stated by London Metropolitan Police Saturday, investigations have discovered that Khuram Butt attempted to rent a much larger, 7.5-ton truck, which would have led to many more deaths, but payment for the hire was declined.

The attackers then had to make do with a smaller vehicle and it is believed by police that Butt was the driver of that white van. According to details released by police, the truck they hoped to rent was similar to – while smaller than – the truck used in the brutal Nice, France attack in 2016 where 86 people died and hundreds were injured.

Petrol bombs found in attackers’ white van

It was also been revealed on Tuesday that their white van contained several bottles of a flammable liquid wrapped with rags, together with two blow torches. Police believe if the attackers had been able to return to their vehicle after the vicious and brutal Borough Market stabbings, these petrol bombs would have been used to kill even more people.

In the event, however, their drive across London Bridge, together with the stabbing rampage in Borough Market, killed eight and injured 48 people in what is the third deadliest attack in Britain within three months.

Unusual 12-inch knives with pink blades used by London attackers

Dean Haydon of the Counter-Terrorism Command also noted that the attackers used 12-inch knives to stab the victims, all of which had bright pink blades. Haydon said the knives were “pretty unusual,” and has appealed to the public for any information about their possible source.

Haydon went on to state that police discovered several office chairs in the van, along with a suitcase and gravel. Investigators believe that gravel was intended to increase the weight of the van or as a justification for renting the vehicle.

The office chairs were possibly placed in the van by the attackers to convince friends and family they were in the process of moving furniture.

The three attackers, Butt, 27, 30-year-old Rachid Redouane and 22-year-old Youssef Zaghba were shot and killed by police while carrying out the attacks. All three of the attackers wore mock suicide belts, consisting of plastic bottles encased in gray duct tape.

Police raid Rachid Redouane's residence

On Tuesday this week, Redouane’s home was raided by police. Police believe the residence was where the terrorists planned the brutal attack. It was here that an English-language version of the Quran was discovered, which lay open on a page which described martyrdom, along with swatches of cloth closely resembling that used in the petrol bombs.

Police also uncovered luggage straps, rolls of gray duct tape and plastic craft knives. Plastic water bottles, like those used in the mock suicide vests, were also discovered.

While eighteen suspects have been taken into custody following the London Attack, only five are still in custody according to Haydon. Investigators are still trying to establish how the three attackers met, but at present do not believe there was a wider plot surrounding the attacks. Haydon said that from forensic evidence uncovered so far, they believe it was a contained plot involving just the three attackers.

Three attackers went under the radar in Britain despite warnings

Butt is considered by police to be the ringleader in the attack and had been arrested on fraud charges in the past.

Haydon said police had also received reports of Butt being involved in violent behavior on several occasions, as well as attempting to recruit children for the Islamic State. He also featured in a documentary film, “The Jihadis Next Door,” where Butt could be seen standing with a group of people holding the ISIS flag. However, Haydon said no evidence showed any planning of an attack relating to Butt.

Zaghba had clear plans to join ISIS

Neither Redouane or Zaghba had any criminal convictions in the U.K. However, as reported by RT News, Zaghba, the Moroccan-born Italian attacker, was detained in Bologna, Italy last year while trying to travel to Syria via Turkey in the hope of joining the ranks of ISIS.

When detained at the airport, Zaghba reportedly told officials he was planning on becoming a terrorist.

Zaghba was then placed on a European watch list to make it difficult for the 22-year-old to travel to Syria. He ended up moving to London instead. While the attacker was reportedly not considered a subject of interest to British police or M15, it was reported that Italian authorities had warned British security services about Zaghba, advising of his ISIS connections.