North Korea and the United States have had underlying tension for many years, and since the rise of nuclear warfare, international disputes and war have become even riskier and dangerous than before. Just recently, North Korea has taken one of the most aggressive stances that the United States has ever seen, claiming that they are ready to strike at Guam at any time.

President Trump may also just be adding fire to the flame with his boisterous language. It seems like the business man and sales person in Trump has yet to take the back seat since Trump loses no opportunity to point out the power and prowess of the United States, a move that may just anger the North Korean People's Army into action.

Will Trump actually use 'fire and fury' when he deals with North Korea?

Trump has made some statements regarding the way that the United States will treat North Korea and its unreliable leader Kim Jong-un. According to The New York Times, Trump has said that North Korea would do well to not threaten the United States and that if they do they 'will be met with fire and fury'. Trump would then go on to say that the United States would take action and use power that 'this world has never seen before'.

This could have been the wrong move from Trump when dealing with a nation like North Korea. The White House has used strong language in their dealings with North Korea before, but Trump's language seems to go beyond the norms that we see coming from the White House.

Some people are impressed by Donald Trump, and say that he is speaking a language that the North Korean government and leader will understand well, while other say that Trump may just be causing baseless anger which could end up causing real warfare.

Korea replies to Trump's comments with a threat to bomb Guam

Just a few hours after Trump made a politically harsh, and slightly threatening, statement against North Korea, North Korea would reply with their own threat.

According to The New York Times, after hearing Trump's statements, North Korea was considering making a strike on Guam, a strike that would cause an 'enveloping fire' around Guam. Guam is an important military base and island for the United States since that is where one of America's most important Air Force bases is located.

The Strategic Force of the North's Korean People's Army would say that it is a 'day dream' for the United States to think that they are invulnerable to any attack that the North Korean Army may plan. They would also go on to say that their missiles are pointed in the direction of the Pacific Ocean, and can be launched.

North Korea doesn't seem to like Trump all that much either.