North Korean officials condemned South Korean news agencies of peddling "fake news" to the international community to malign the North. This sentiment is also aired on Pyongyang's state-run news agency that the U.S. and South Korea are deeply invested in conducting "smear campaign" tactics to gain support.

Otto Warmbier wasn't tortured, he was treated with love

The Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) a state-run news agency, said that Otto Warmbier was a criminal and a threat to North Korea. However, even being sentenced to 15 years of hard labor, the North Korean government provided Otto with all the medical treatment and care the country can provide.

KCNA stated that North Korea treated Otto with all sincerity and humanely from his incarceration due to the stealing of propaganda posters up to his release and return to the United States.

However, despite all of the "loving care" provided by the North, Otto was released from prison, comatose due to severe brain injury. Many suspect that the inhuman conditions he was subjected to were the culprit for him being brain damaged upon release, which led to his death. However, North Korea denies any maltreatment of the American student and that his sudden death immediately after release was very mysterious.

What is the reaction to North Korea's plea of innocence?

The U.S. government and even the family of Otto Warmbier along with a plethora of medical physicians all disagree on the narrative provided by Pyongyang.

According to information provided by the hermit state, Otto suffered from botulism immediately after his imprisonment and fell comatose after taking a sleeping pill. U.S. medical authorities aren't buying North Korea's story as brain damage suffered by Otto came from physical injury and not from botulism.

This led to the belief that North Korea tortured Otto Warmbier until he was brain damaged.

This incident caused a massive international outrage over the condemnable practices. There are many Americans clamoring for the United States to bomb North Korea and make Kim Jong-Un pay.

As of the moment, the United States is in an impasse in diplomacy with the North and if nothing is done, war may break out. This is why U.S.

President Trump is asking China to help out with the Korean crisis and rein in the rogue state into diplomacy. The security of the nations near North Korea can be maintained if Pyongyang opens up and have talks with the South and America.