Honolulu has already taken action to impose fines on those who text and walk because it is dangerous and can lead to accidents. The city of stamford in Connecticut plans to follow suit and declare it illegal to text or even talk on the mobile phone while out in public.

The objective of the proposal is to ensure that pedestrians are safe and kept out of harm’s way due to texting while walking because the attention is on the screen and the owner is unaware of the surroundings. Such a combination is a recipe for disaster. By its decision, Connecticut could be setting a precedent for the rest of the nation.

The need for regulation

Daily Mail UK reports that Stamford City representative John Zelinsky has told a section of the media that those who try to do two things at a time like texting and walking are oblivious to moving vehicles on the roads. A similar action had already been approved by Honolulu last month, and a fine of $30 could be levied on those who violate the regulation. The intention is to discourage people from using mobile phones while on the streets.

The gravity of the situation is evident from statistics that reveal an increase in pedestrian fatalities all over America by 11 percent last year and the death toll was in the vicinity of 6000. The figures are based on data from the National Governors' Highway Safety Association.

In comparison, the figures between 2005 and 2010, when the concept of mobile phone was in its infancy, the number of emergency room visits from injuries suffered from distracted walking doubled to more than 1500.

Is the fine meant to raise revenue?

Critics have questioned the necessity of having such a law, and some wanted to know whether it was a ploy to raise revenue.

John Zelinsky has explained that the purpose was to educate people so that accidents are reduced. Those who criticize such measures should consider it to be a part of social responsibility

It is a fact that no one can do some things at the same time. Hence, a person who texts as he walks is bound to collide with other pedestrians on the road or even with lamp posts and other permanent fixtures or moving vehicles.

He could stumble on an uneven surface or obstacles. The result can never be pleasant, and he might land up in the hospital. The authorities of Stamford City feel that imposing fines would act as a deterrent for those who believe in texting and walking. They are starting a trend that must be supported.