A webcam platform, CamSoda, just launched a new and unique way to keep gadgets secure by using biometrics instead of a password. Unlike other biometric-based security systems that use fingerprints or the iris to unlock a device, Dick-ometrics uses a male organ’s print to identify the phone owner.

CamSoda, which is also a porn site, said that for its proprietary penis Recognition Technology to work, the phone owner must first supply the platform a photo of his manhood. The image is then matched with the real male organ for the phone user to log in.

Differentiating factors of the male private part

Darren Press, the vice president of CamSoda, explained that the platform opted for the male organ over the fingerprint and the eyeball – the two most commonly used body parts in biometric technology – because of the differentiating factors of this body part. These are size, color, moles, and vein protrusion. It is possible to consider other identifying factors such as whether the owner is circumcised or not and has body piercings.

In the case of fingerprints and irises, hackers have found a way to fool the 3D identification technology by using prints of the fingerprint or a photograph of the retina. It can be done by lifting fingerprint marks off surfaces or copying the iris from a photograph.

In the case of the penis, it would be more difficult to make a fake print of it because it is a private body part. The male organ is often covered and shown only to people the owner trusts, The Sun reported.

Must not be in flaccid state

CamSoda said that for the initial image as well as when unlocking the phone, the image of the penis must preferably be erect because an aroused male organ has more differentiating qualities for verification.

Mashable, however, pointed out that it presents a potential problem because the member could be flaccid and the gadget owner could experience some difficulties rising to the occasion when he needs to unlock his gadget.

There is also the issue of needing to go to a private space, such as a toilet cubicle or urinal, to unzip and press the organ to the sensor to log in.

Other concerns include men suffering from erectile dysfunction who would find it hard to appreciate the platform. Finally, there is the issue of female phone owners who have different body parts. CamSoda, however, said it plans to make a female version of the platform.

The platform’s launch comes a day after news spread that Apple is having software problems with its wireless charging and facial recognition technology. Meanwhile, Netflix is grappling with subscribers sharing passwords.