Chicago Police recently found three dead bodies in the city's Southeast Side, all of whom had gunshot wounds on their bodies. An investigation is currently underway and the initial report was that these homicides were as a result of self-defense during a purported burglary. However, since the investigations started, the authorities have been troubled by many unanswered questions, which point to a different motive for the killings.

What the police discovered

Police discovered the bodies of three people and they immediately understood that the deaths occurred as a result of gunshot wounds.

Among the deceased was a 17-year old boy, a 22-year old man, and a 24-year old woman. The identities of the three victims were not released to the public immediately.

However, police officials have not written the case off as an act of self-defense by the home-owner who alleges that the three victims entered his house to rob him. The three were shot and killed inside the house itself and the police also discovered the bodies inside. However, the accounts being narrated by the Home Owner struck the officials as suspicious.

What really happened?

According to the preliminary investigations, the three victims entered the house through the basement of the house and the home owner shot all three of them when he discovered the attempted burglary.

After having shot the three, the homeowner locked himself inside a room and called the police. The owner did own a valid firearm owner's identification card.

Police confirmed that among the deceased was 22-year old Narcisco Ledesma, and 17-year old Antonio Lopez of East Chicago. The identity of the woman has not been revealed yet.

All three of the victims were shot multiple times and were found dead by police upon arrival at the scene. Police also revealed that charges are now pending to be filed against the homeowner, but did not reveal what exactly those charges will be.

However, these charges may be regarding the inconsistencies that police reveal the owner's accounts are filled with.

It is likely that the homeowner may be fabricating the truth in a bid to mislead the investigation. If so, the police have every right to press charges against the owner. The home-owner has also not been identified yet.

If this was indeed a break-in, then the homeowner had every right to fire upon the trespassers. However, if there is some other angle to this story and if the three did not enter the house with an intention to rob it, then the home owner may be trying to hide this fact.