Judge Stacey W. Moreau, Pittsylvania County Circuit Court, VA, rescinded the bond of 59-year-old Arthur Anderson Warren on Monday. Additionally, the judge signed a 24-month protective order against Warren, who faces trial for Bestiality on August 22.

Warren and 53-year-old Kelly Hardy were charged with Crimes Against Nature in March 2017. They allegedly engaged in bestiality on separate occasions during October 2016.

Attorney Greg Casker. who represents Hardy, told the judge Warren allegedly stalked his client, in spite of a bond condition that ordered him to leave Hardy alone.

As a result of the alleged violation of the bond stipulation, Casker asked the court to impose a protective order against the accused animal abuser, Warren.

Hardy told the court that she thought Warren was trespassing so she had set up cameras on her property. From three images on June 18, she identified him. One day prior to when she was scheduled to appear in court with Warren, her home was burned down. She testified that she saw Warren driving past her house slowly and speeding up, according to the Chatham Star-Tribune. She also stated, “I am scared for my life.”

Hardy intentionally waited 20 minutes following the August 6 court appearance before she left. She was trying to avoid running into the accused animal abuser.

When she left the court, however, she spotted Warren driving up and down the road adjacent to where she parked, the Star-Tribune reported.

Hardy testified that there were additional instances, and cited examples for the court. Afterward, the judge expressed her concern about Warren reportedly trespassing on June 18. The judge told him that any future incidents, in violation of the court’s protective order, would result in mandatory jail time.

Trial for bestiality begins Tuesday

According to case details cited by the criminal division of the Pittsylvania County Circuit Court, Warren’s trial for bestiality commences August 22 at 9:00 AM. His preliminary hearing took place in May.

Pittsylvania County Sheriff’s Deputy Adam Reynolds, who testified at the hearing, told the court Warren started a discussion with him.

The deputy went to the defendant’s home to serve a warrant on March 8. According to Reynolds, Warren asked if having sex with animals was illegal, the Star-Tribune noted. The defendant told the officer he had a video of Hardy on his cell phone that he recorded, although he was not involved in the act itself. Warren claimed that Hardy was with an animal.

Reynolds stated that the accused man wanted Reynolds to see the video so he tried giving his phone to the deputy. Reynolds told Warren to wait until he had a search warrant. He instructed Warren to give Investigator Janet Sargent, also of the Pittsylvania County Sheriff’s Office, the phone after she arrived.

Evidence of crimes committed against animals presented by prosecutor

Molly Burke, Assistant Prosecutor, introduced evidence of bestiality, including two videos, during the preliminary hearing. In the video, Warren instructed Hardy and told her to “shut up,” according to the Star-Tribune. Sargent told the court she asked Warren why he recorded the incident. He responded that he was “a man” and claimed that Hardy was “just lying there” as if she wanted him to notice.

Woman pleaded guilty to cruelty to animals

A case search of the Pittsylvania County Circuit Court reflects that Hardy had a plea agreement and pleaded guilty to misdemeanor cruelty to animals on Friday. She was sentenced to serve 10 days in jail, but her sentence was suspended. She was ordered to pay $372.00 and received six months of unsupervised probation.