Strategist Steve Bannon has quit the Trump’s White House. On Friday, President Trump accepted Bannon’s resignation. The New York Times wrote that he "was pushed out by the president Friday, capping a turbulent seven months marked by the departure of much of Trump's original senior staff. "

Bannon is the latest to leave the White House that has been engulfed by series of controversies and infighting among staff. The former chief strategist has contradicted Trump on several issues including the North Korean issue and the Charlottesville violence.

Bannon’s contentious tenure

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the White House spokeswoman said Bannon was quitting from his job on Friday. Sanders said that the Trump administration is highly grateful for his service to the nation and wish him the best in his future endeavors.

Bannon, a forceful and unorthodox Republican was an important adviser to last year’s election campaign, but his presence at the White House has been contentious in an administration engulfed by staff infighting.

The former head of the conservative Breitbart News has pushed President Trump to keep to his campaign pledges and was the brains behind most of Trump’s controversial moves, including the travel ban and the president’s decision to pull the United States out of the Paris Climate accord.

Bannon’s controversial stance on many issues

However, Bannon clashed with many senior White House advisers on several issues and often contradicted President Trump Himself. A White House source who wishes to remain anonymous said Bannon had offered his resignation to Trump on August 7.

His exit was to go into effect on August 14, which marks one year that he officially joined Trump’s presidential election campaign.

It was then withheld following the violent clashes that took place in Charlottesville, Virginia last weekend.

Bannon’s stay in the White House was shaky for weeks, and his views were in jeopardy following the arrival of the new Chief Of Staff, John Kelly, who began a review of the White House staff profile. The new chief of staff had informed aides that major changes would be made, according to the NYT.

Trump has repeatedly diminished the role of Bannon in his campaign in recent comments. He had also failed to express confidence in his former chief strategist during Tuesday’s impromptu press briefing.

The decision whether Bannon should quit or not may have been just a personal decision rather than a political one. He is known in many quarters as Trump’s connection to his main base and the preserver of the President’s controversial, conservative agenda.