American Green, one of nation’s largest cannabis companies bought Nipton, which is a desert Town in California. According to reports, the company purchased all 80 acres of Nipton on Thursday, August 3. Time reported that American Green proposed to purchase 80 acres along with the town’s old West-style hotel, an RV park, a handful of houses and a coffee shop. The firm intends to convert the whole gold rush town into an energy-independent, cannabis-friendly hospitality destination.

How much is the purchase worth?

Roxanne Lang is the now previous owner of Nipton, which was bought by her late husband Gerald Freeman.

She hasn’t mentioned the amount she is ready to sell Nipton for, but noted that the couple last listed the property for $5 million in 2016.

When she was questioned what her late husband would think of the current owner’s plan of turning the town into a cannabis paradise, then she just laughed it off. Later, she replied that her husband was not someone who was against marijuana and wouldn’t mind it as long as the town was preserved and taken care of. She also added that he would find a lot of humor in that plan as well.

Freeman had bought the town when there was gold discovered in the nearby areas of Nipton, and was a town filled with people and all the hustle and bustle. However, as soon as resources ran out, people started abandoning the town.

That is when he decided to start making his energy plant, which provided the people of the town with energy.

Future plans for the small township

American Green plans to grow farms of marijuana all over the town and also plans to bottle and sell cannabis-infused water from the town’s plentiful aquifer. It would make the town green in more than one way.

They are also approaching people who are in the pot industry to come and relocate to Nipton, so that they civilize the town and bring jobs for the people along with them.

There are less than two dozen people who reside in the town. Its main revenue comes from selling lottery tickets, as well as by running West-style hotels. Tourists come to stay in these hotels to relive the Wild West’s charm.

There are train tracks right near the town so whenever there is a guest coming to a hotel, they are provided ear plugs along with room keys.

The CEO of American Green is calling it the next big thing after the gold rush, which happened in the 19th century. Whether the idea takes off and can help provide for the townspeople remains to be seen