Guam is known to be a crucial base of US armed forces. That is why the small island becomes a vulnerable target of North Korea. Attacking Guam would mean attacking the US. Guam is home to about 165,000 civilians who now fear for their safety.

Authorities in Guam responded the New York Times quickly reported. Governor Eddie Baza Calvo reassured Guamanians they are prepared for any eventuality.

The possibility of Missile attacks in Guam

Many are concerned that North Korea’s threats on Guam might do more damage to the island than they have already.

Among the affected businesses is the tourism industry.

In an interview with BBC, Adele, front desk manager of a famous hotel in Guam said that everyone feels anxious because the attack is highly possible. "It is scary to think that there is a threat from North Korea on Guam," Adele said. She warned that Guamanians should be prepared for the worst case scenario. She added that precautions, such as stocking up food, must be done as early as possible just in case the crisis will escalate.

Chris "Malafunkshun" Barnett, a popular local standup comedian, believed that there is a high level of anxiety among the locals. Of all the threats Guam received in the past, this one is entirely different according to Barnett.

And what adds to the anxiety among the locals is the news about threats on Guam, now swarming the local media as well as social media.

Unhelpful tweeting about threats on Guam

Aside from Guam, Japan and South Korea are US military bases neighboring the North. Both allies have also been receiving threats. But, unlike South Korea and Japan, Guam is much closer to North Korea, making any threat of nuclear attacks highly possible to turn into a direct attack.

It is not the first time that the Pacific Island has been bombarded with threats of missile attack. But the most recent threats on Guam intensify tensions in the region Congresswoman Madeleine Z Bordallo warned. She also criticized the President’s tweet on the issue, calling it destructive rather than helpful. The US president should have explored means to respond to the crisis according to Bordallo peacefully.

Unafraid Guamanians

On the contrary, there are in fact locals who are not daunted by the threat. Among them is Cathleen Viray who works at a local hotel. Viray told the BBC that the situation is no longer a big deal for some Guamanians, including her. Threats on the island are no longer new to the locals who have been living this kind of situation for years now Viray said.

Yuka shares Viray’s sentiments on the matter. Yuka is a local dive instructor. She caters mostly to Japanese tourists visiting the island. Yuka explained that people are going worried over this situation partly because it has been sensationalized in the media. Unlike the rest of them, Yuka remains calm amidst the threats on Guam. There are residents like Yuka and Viray who still believe that the situation remains under control and who think that the US government will still resort to diplomacy in addressing the crisis.