After 200 days in office, the approval rating of Trump’s presidency has been steadily declining. The last CNN Poll in partnership with SSRS showed that most of Americans firmly disapprove his performance in the office. According to the survey, 56% of Americans don’t approve his presidency while only 38% responded to be satisfied with the President. Only once in modern history, a President at this stage of the term had an approval rating below 50%. Bill Clinton, in 1993, whose approval at the same 200 days in office was 46%, yet well above Trump’s number.

The poll also exposed an exponential loss of strength within the President’s most cohesive base, that of whites without college degrees. Among this group, only 35% said they strongly approve of Trump’s handling of the presidency, well below the 47% who had the same view back in April. Among Republicans, the approval has dropped 14 points within the same period, from 73% then to 59% now. In turn, Democrats keep a steady 80% of disapproval.

Few believe President Trump can bring change

The poll suggests that few Americans still believe President Trump can lead the country to the changes it needs. Only 43% responded “yes” to the question can he “bring the kind of change the country needs”, down from 48% three months ago.

Yet just 39% responded positively to whether the President “can manage government effectively”, down from 44% in April.

Lies from the White House

According to the poll, Americans are yet more skeptics about information coming from the White House. Just 24% of the respondents said to trust all or almost all of the official communications coming from the President’s office, in contrast with 30% who said they believe “nothing at all” of what is said in the White House.

Even Republicans distrust the official communications, as only half of them said to trust what they hear.

Not so effective as a manager

During the campaign, Trump sold himself as an effective manager who would bring the corporate culture into the White House affairs. A lot of Americans believed so, otherwise, he wouldn’t have been elected.

Now, that perception has faded, the share of Republicans and independents who lean Republican who believe the President is capable of managing the government effectively has dipped 10 points since the last CNN/ORC poll in April.

Overall good feeling in the country does not benefit the President

Although the overall feeling the country is that the things are going well (53% believe so), President Trump’s approval ratings have not been boosted. Americans are split on the President’s performance on national security (48% approve, 47% disapprove), and on his approach to the economy (47% disapprove, 45% approve).

On almost all other issues surveyed, the President is faced with Americans' fiercely disapproval.

On health care, 62% responded not be satisfied with his administration, while 61% do not approve his actions on foreign affairs, 55% on immigration, and 54% on helping the middle class. Nearly half of the respondents also disapprove his handling of taxes, 48%, with just 34% approving.