The White House Commission, set up to investigate allegations of fraud in US elections, summoned its first meeting Wednesday between Democrats' criticism that this could be a tool to suppress voting rights.

Trump accused without providing evidence to back-up his claim that last year's election millions voted unlawfully in the November presidential election, despite numerous polls showing that election fraud is a rare occurrence in US elections. The New York Republican businessman won the ballot polling vote but lost woefully in the popular vote by almost 3 million votes to his opponent, Hillary Clinton.

The controversial commission

Trump established the Election Protection Advisory Committee in May and appointed US Vice President Mike Pence to lead it.

Shortly before meeting to meet members of the DNC, titled 'Trump Administration for the Protection of American Democracy', they held a press conference to criticize the panel which they voiced out their concerns to ensure that it does not undermine Voting rights.

President Trump should be informed of our determination to look at his commission, said US Ambassador Terry Sueel of Alabama, an African American whose area includes civil rights signatures in Selma, Montgomery, and Birmingham. , Bled and fights for voting right

The panel faced controversy last month when the Vice Chairman Chris Kobach, the Kansas State Secretary, and a more stringent guardian of immigrants and voter identification, called on states to provide voter information.

Concerns about the commission

Kobach, in a press conference with newsmen, dismissed concerns the Commission is not ready to prove or reject President Trump's statement, the commission only brings the facts to the table,' he said on Wednesday.

The data requested by Kobach, Names, The social security numbers, addresses, birthdays, political affiliation, beliefs and election history.

Some countries have abandoned, others have said they should learn if they can provide data some federal prosecution offices have filed against the Electoral Commission, including the United States Civil Liberties Union, the NAACP Legal Protection Fund, and the Monitoring Group of the Private Information Center, has requested a temporary restriction of Kobach's claim.

Citizens' Rights and Democrat Deputies said that the commission could lead to new identification requests and other measures that make the vote more difficult.