US President Donald Trump participated in another undisclosed secret conversation with Russian’s Putin at the Hamburg summit in Germany earlier this month.

Sean Spicer of the White House and the spokesperson for National Security Adviser Michael Anton confirmed to reporters that the US President and his Russian counterpart spoke at a dinner of world leaders and their wives at the 20th meeting in Hamburg, Germany.

The undisclosed meeting

The interaction was done shortly after President Trump and President Putin’s initial meeting earlier in June, that was initially arranged to last only half an hour but extended by more than two.

Both world leaders were caught in the video by hand and exchanged a few words after they reached the G20 summit and appeared earlier that day.

Anton did not specifically state the duration of the interaction. He said, however, that the discussion is strange and should not be characterized as giving or even more formal but formal withdrawal.

The dinner, was organized by German’s Angela Merkel, was only open to leaders at the summit and their spouses, as well as to several translators, and says a White House official who said the event was characterized on the condition that it was anonymous, despite the President Trump’s condemnation of unnamed sources.

The Empress stressed that Trump had spoken to many leaders at dinner and said he spoke briefly with Putin sitting near Melanie Trump when the event was over.

Trump discussed with Putin with a Russian translator as the US translator was not heard speaking Russian.

Trump and Putin's conversation

But Jan Bremer, who said he spoke to the two men who attended dinner, said Trump and Putin talked for almost an hour while they sat for dinner with other world leaders and their wives. Bremer is a foreign affairs journalist and president of Eurasia, a consultancy firm.

The participants described the meeting as remarkable, said Bremer, who said Trump was very lively during talks with Putin, often using his hands for a gesture.

The President defended the event of several angry blogs late Tuesday that the announced dinner was on a public schedule.

Trump and Putin's connections are seen from the election campaign when Trump praised the Russian President as a formidable leader and invited him publicly to call his rival Hillary Clinton.

Trump helpers said they were joking.

US Intelligence officials have concluded that the Russian government intervened in the 2016 elections to help Trump. Trump questioned their findings and dismissed investigations into possible cooperation between their campaigns and Moscow as a 'witch hunt'.