The War Of Words that had commenced between the US President Donald Trump and the Mayor of London following the 3 June terror attacks in London is not gong to end anytime soon, if the recent comments of Sadiq Khan is anything to go by. In his latest salvo at Donald Trump, Mr. Khan said that the US President's official visit to the UK should be cancelled.

War of words continues

US President Donald Trump had started the ugly war of words with Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, when he quoted the latter's statement out of context in one of his tweets following the terror attack.

Since then, the back and forth exchange of barbs that between the two has continued unabated. This morning Mr. Khan spoke to Channel 4 News in the UK and in another fresh salvo at the US President, he said that his official visit to the UK should be cancelled.

He explained himself by stating that the US President's stand on most issues go against the most basic tenets of British politics and hence it would be improper to be welcome Mr. Trump to the country. He quickly added acknowledged that the US and UK do have a special relationship on a diplomatic level. However, Mr Khan said, a special relationship does not mean that the UK should turn a blind eye to Mr. Trump's policies and not call out his missteps, if any.

This fresh salvo will certainly create a lot of discomfort int he diplomatic circles, if and when the President goes on his official UK visit.

This is nothing new

Mr. Sadiq Khan has been at odds with the US President in the past as well and he had condemned Donald Trump's travel ban plans in the past.

Following the attacks, Mr. Trump resumed his attack on the Mayor of London by insinuating that Mr. Khan was being soft on terror by asking the residents of London to be calm and not be alarmed.

However, he had quoted Mr. Khan out of context. In the original statement, the Mayor of London had asked the citizens of London to not be alarmed at witnessing such heavy police presence in the city following the terror attack.

Later on, Mr. Khan's spokesperson had dismissed the US President's comments without as much as an acknowledgement yesterday. He said that the Mayor had far more important things on his plate than responding to the US President's comments. However, Mr. Khan did get back on the President with his barbs this morning. Needless to say, this might not be the end of the war of words between the two leaders since the US President is definitely going to comeback with a barb or two of his own.