It's no secret that Donald Trump and the mainstream news media don't see eye to eye. Last week, the president set his sights on a particular host on MSNBC, but now she is firing back.

Mitchell on Trump

When Donald Trump first announced his campaign for president back in June 2015, it didn't take long for the billionaire real estate mogul to get on the wrong side of the press. Once the former host of ''The Apprentice" labeled illegal immigrants from Mexico as "rapists" and "murderers," it was only a matter of time before the media pounced on Trump's rhetoric and the war of words between the two kicked off.

Ever since then, Trump's feud with reporters has only escalated, with the president referring to journalists as "terrible" and "the most dishonest" people he's ever met in his entire life. Since his election win last November, the rift between both sides has only gotten worse. Trump has routinely referred to any report he disagrees with as "fake news," and even went as far as banning several well-respected news outlets, like the BBC, the New York Times, and the Washington Post, from a press briefing at the White House earlier this year. Last week, Trump was interviewed about the growing Russian scandal, where he deflected the conversation onto the baseless allegation that former Obama National Security Adviser Susan Rice was taking part in an alleged "unmasking" of Trump transition team members.

The president targeted the person interviewing Rice, MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell, and called her "Hillary Clinton's P.R. person." As reported by Mediaite on April 10, Mitchell has decided to respond.

On Monday, MSNBC host and NBC News correspondent Andrea Mitchell was a guest on Politico's podcast, where she was asked about the negative comments made by Donald Trump.

"I have never seen anything like this where people just flat out lie," Mitchell went on to sat. "You know, black is white and white is black," she continued, saying of the Trump White House, "they mislead you."

Andrea Mitchell referred to it as "really disconcerting," hitting White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, without mentioning his name, for using his position to "mislead or misdirect or obfuscate" the media.

The veteran news anchor went on to accuse the administration of trying to "shut down" the press, and keep things hidden in the White House.

Trump and O'Reilly

Not stopping there, Andrea Mitchell then went off on Donald Trump for defending Fox News host Bill O'Reilly over the recent allegations that he reached a $13 million settlement with five women who accused him of sexual harassment. Mitchell said it was "remarkable" that a sitting president would take the side of a cable news host on an issue like sexual harassment without knowing the details of what took place.