Jessica Edens, 36, and her nine-year-old son and five-year-old daughter were found dead in her car Thursday from gunshot wounds. Shortly before their deaths, Edens is alleged by police to have killed a woman who she believed was in a relationship with her estranged husband.

Custody dispute leads to deaths

A custody dispute over one of the two children has reportedly been ongoing between Edens and her estranged husband. The day before the shootings, Ben Edens reportedly received a disturbing text message from his wife, leading to him asking police to check up on Edens and his daughter.

According to the police officer, Edens did not seem to be acting in a threatening or erratic manner when he visited her on Wednesday. However as reported by WYFF, he did say in a police report that she had accused her husband of having an affair and said she hopes to expose him in court.

Woman found shot dead in her vehicle

As reported by People, on Thursday police were called shortly after 5 p.m. to a parking garage connected an apartment complex in Greenville, SC. On arrival, they found the body of Meredith Leigh Rahme, 28, in her vehicle in the parking garage.

Greenville Police Chief Ken Miller said in a news conference that Rahme had been shot to death while seated in her vehicle and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police find South Carolina woman and children dead in her vehicle

Police were then searching for Edens’ vehicle. Shortly after 7 p.m. police found Edens’ SUV. Inside was the body of Edens, along with her nine-year-old son, Hayden King, and five-year-old daughter, Harper Edens, all with fatal gunshot wounds.

Officers found a .40 caliber pistol in her vehicle, which was still running and locked when they found it. Police believe Rahme had been killed by Edens, who then turned the gun on herself and her two young children in a murder-suicide.

As reported by People, Rahme had lived in the same apartment complex as Ben Edens and they reportedly worked together.

Miller said at the news conference that Edens and her husband were separated at the time of the shooting and were experiencing custody problems relating to their shared daughter, Harper. Hayden was reportedly Jessica’s child from a former relationship. A few days prior to the shooting, Rahme had also contacted the police over harassing phone calls and text messages from Edens.

According to WYFF, Jessica Edens’ sister-in-law said in a statement that Edens an amazing woman and mother, but said when you are hurt as she was people tend to do irrational things. She said, however, there is no excuse for the horrific tragedy and they will “all be missed dearly.” Her reaction to the deaths was one of utter shock and disbelief, saying you never think this kind of thing can happen to your family.