Cameron Espitia, 31, was arrested early Sunday morning around 90 minutes after fatally shooting his wife, 29-year-old Jennifer Espitia during an Uber ride. Espitia has been booked into King County Jail on suspicion of second-degree murder, where he is being held on $3 million bail.

Seattle husband and wife catch a Sunday morning Uber ride

At 12:20 a.m. Sunday morning, Espitia and his wife caught a ride using the Uber ride share service. Jennifer reportedly sat in the front passenger seat next to the driver, while her husband was seated in the rear of the vehicle, behind the driver.

According to the Uber driver, the couple was arguing in the car. As they were driving, the driver suddenly heard a loud “boom” and initially believed a tire had burst. However, the driver then noticed that the wife’s head had bent forward and her body lay motionless on the passenger seat of the SUV.

The Seattle Times reports the Uber driver was then in fear of his own life and asked Espitia where he wanted to be dropped. Espitia initially told him to “just drive,” but within minutes the husband requested the driver to stop in the Queen Anne area and climbed out of the vehicle. The driver continued driving for a short distance before stopping and calling the police.

Wife found dead in front passenger seat of Uber ride

When police arrived on the scene, they found the wife in the front of the vehicle with a gunshot wound to the head.

While medics immediate took Espitia to the nearby Harborview Medical Center, she passed away after arrival.

The police later tracked down a man, identified as Espitia’s husband, around six blocks from the scene. When searching Espitia, officers found a small semi-automatic pistol on his person. While Espitia did admit to drinking alcohol that night, he reportedly said he cannot remember what happened other than it had been a “bad night” and that they had called for the Uber ride home.

According to Espitia, he woke up in some bushes nearby and had no idea where he was. Espitia did later admit to having a vague recollection of being in the Uber car.

According to ABC News, Espitia was employed by the U.S. Coast Guard. The Seattle Times reports that Coast Guardsman Elliot Felix had known Espitia for five years and doesn’t believe he is capable of such a crime. Felix reportedly asked the judge to consider lesser bail. His wife, Jennifer, worked at a day care center. Espitia is set to appear in court again on Thursday.