Despite efforts from the “Opposition Party” as former Editor of the New York Observer Ken Kurson called Mainstream Media, the truth surfaces. Just a week ago Kurson told Brian Stelter on CNN’s Reliable Sources, “So, the idea here is that the media has become the opposition to Trump.” We will delve into those details later first let’s uncover the Donald Trump Jr. facts.

Natalia Veselnitskaya ready to speak to Congress

The lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya that spoke with Trump Jr. said Bill Browder, a London-based investor, was directing the deception crusade.

She went on to say that Browder was “out to get her with vengeance for his recent defeat in a U.S. court by a team of lawyers” that included her.

Veselnitskaya said she was certain that the news campaign is being spun, organized and encouraged by Browder to get revenge for the ‘Prevezon’ case loss. Veselnitskaya and her team were representing Prevezon a Cyprus-based holding company, owned by Russian businessman Denis Katsyv, who was accused of money laundering. The case began in 2013 and settled in 2017 with no admission of guilt by Prevezon.

Browder was unable to win the case but he began spying on Veselnitskaya long before the case settled. She said Mr. Browder and his team has been gathering information about her family for a long time.

She wanted Trump Jr. and other Trump team members to know that Browder, was a person that gave up his U.S. citizenship, in trying to manipulate people in Congress.” Now you know the rest of the story.

The Opposition Party twisting facts away

This week, for example, was spun as a disaster for this administration because Sean Spicer left but how soon they forget that in 1993 then President Bill Clinton dismissed his Communications Director George Stephanopoulos.

In last week’s CNN interview Kurson described the political landscape as no longer being the Republican point of view held forth and the Democrats holding them accountable with the media covering it.

Now the President and White House put their point of view out there than the media argue with them, the Democrats aren’t typically mentioned. He hit the nail by saying, “The liberal media has assigned itself the chore of nullifying this past election because they simply won’t accept it.”

Kurson said, “The hypocrisy is staggering, we’re talking about media giants that hold themselves out there as the most dignified place for American thought yet this is what they put out today.” The common tale among the media elitists today is to pretend that they have no editorial control over what they print or say. Kurson even called out Stelter for personally helping to craft the mood where damaging journalism is allowed to fester with Twitter and Facebook.

They have a new reward system for journalists for needling and stabbing that has nothing to do with policy or advancing this country.

Kurson continued by saying he’s against deceit and lying. Journalists are there to hold the administration accountable it is a critical function that is enshrined in our Bill of Rights. But the Opposition Party sets the tone of these attacks for example when there’s a need for a balance they find an alleged conservative that hates the President simply because there aren’t any Pro-Trump journalists in Mainstream Media, there is no fairness.

Then there are the Democrats that also live by a double standard sworn to the people but serve themselves. The result is Congress is floundering and the President has been stymied by an obstructionist Democratic Party and the hostile mainstream media.