President Donal Trump has once again decided to donate part of his salary for the development of the nation. This time he is going to give his second-quarter salary to the Education Department to improve the quality of education in the United States.

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders while announcing presented a check of $100,000 to the Education Secretary Betsy Devos. Apart from this, some other donors stepped up and raised the donation amount to more than $260,000 for the education.

If you are not aware, Trump's first salary was donated for the restoration of projects at National Battlefield.

According to Devos, Trump will always give priority to nation's student and wants to reform education in the country so that every student no matter the location will receive the high-quality education no matter what.

How will the donation be used?

"He and I have had many conversations about how best to put students' needs first, and ensure we are setting them up for a lifetime of success. There's much work to be done, but we are certainly on the right track, thanks to the president's leadership", she said.

Furthermore, the Education department has decided to use this donation for hosting various camps for the student. The camp will focus on STEM fields and will give students the chance to explore them.

"We want to encourage as many children as possible to explore STEM fields in the hope that many develop a passion for these fields," she said.

Trump announced during his elections that he would not take any part of his salary if he wins the presidential elections. The president has to take their salary under the US law, so he decided to donate all of his salary in charity.

America needs to strengthen the Education

The United States has one of the great universities all over the world but somehow somewhere lacks in quality of Education and so like many other countries too. In the United States, the large number of students are in education debt which is bad if you ask me. An education should be easily accessible to everyone without burning huge holes in the pocket.

Countries like Germany offers almost free education to their students with negligible semester contributions. Finland is the first country to do away with standardized education which is a huge and best step forward for the students.

Since America wants to increase the job opportunity for the locals in their country, there is a need to improve the quality and accessibility. Trump has done a fantastic job in this one, donating part of his salary to the education is a good head start. STEM focused camps will help the students to realize the importance of this field in this century. They will be able to decide their career choices broadly.