There are tons of SMS texting apps floating all over the Play Store for Android devices. I have tried almost every other popular one out there, and none of them is perfect. One of the more popular SMS apps for Android devices is going to be, of course, Android Message by Google.

This app is the default pre-installed app on every Android device. You might have tried third party apps like the Textra SMS and Signal messaging apps. They offer a lot of useful features which you can not find in Android Message, but in one way or another, they are still not the perfect application.

Is this the perfect SMS app?

Your patience ends right now with this article. I recently came across an app which is developed by Microsoft, and it is currently the best app which you can find on the internet.

SMS Organizer is the name which you all want to hear right now. The app is available only on Android platforms and can be downloaded via Android Play Store.

This app is designed and developed by one of the Microsoft's Garage Team known as Team Golcando.

This team is based in India and consist of eight members, and the main aim of this app is helping you to focus on SMS that's important to you.

OTP detection, sorting and much more

This app comes with amazing features which are very helpful in our day to day life.

The best part is every important feature is available in this app. So, let me introduce you to some of them here in this article.

  • OTP detection: Every other Android application required OTP authentication to confirm your identity or to verify your phone number. You have to open the SMS and then copy the OTP code, and then you have to verify. The whole process here is a hassle. With this OTP detection, SMS Organizer will automatically detect the OTP and gives you an option to copy it without even accessing the message.
  • Google Drive Integration: This is the feature I was waiting for a long time. The app can automatically backup your messages to Google drive. You can also perform a manual backup from the setting just like you do in WhatsApp. This feature is a real saver as I usually have lots of important messages.
  • Intelligent Message Sorting: The app automatically sorts your incoming messages into categories like promotional, blocked and transactions. This makes things very organized inside the app. You can focus on important messages without any trouble.
  • Smart Reminders: If your messages have any due dates, travel details, upcoming appointments, and more, the app will remind you just like Google Inbox does. There is an option to setup your own custom reminders which come very handy.

These were some of the interesting features which you will get with this app. It's interesting to see this SMS app doing this stuff for real. You should definitely check out this app to try some other features likes filters and free SMS.