Surface Dial was one of the amazing pieces of tech launched by Microsoft. The Dial was specially designed for all the designers out there who work on Adobe or other similar software. I liked the Surface dial, but the whole Surface desktop was pretty expensive.

Since the launch of the Dial, no other brand tried to introduce the same concept in one of their desktops. I almost forgot such thing occurred in reality until I came to know about this keyboard.

Logitech tried to introduce the same concept into their keyboard making it easier for everyone to purchase and is pretty convenient.

Craft your work with the Crown

Logitech came up with a different and appealing name for their Dial on the keyboard. They called it the Crown. This creative input Dial is compatible with a handful of applications and Windows functions. For instance, you can use the creative input Dial or Crown to control functions like Zoom, hardness, opacity, contrast, brightness, saturation and more on Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop.

You can also use this Smart Dial on Microsoft's applications like Excel. You can quickly create charts, navigate easily in tables, zoom and much more on Excel. Spotify is an application which a lot of people uses. With Crown, you can control playback or navigate through your playlist easily on Spotify.

These are some of the apps that work with Crown, but there are more apps which can support this Surface like Dial. Since the Dial is built right into the keyboard, the consumer will purchase this, and with the demand, developers will start working on making this Ddial compatible with more and more applications.

How to use the creative Dial?

Using the Crown is as simple as using the surface Dial. To use the Dial, you need to install Logitech software with which you will be able to control Crown. All you have to do is rotate the Dial while working on a compatible software. A small bar will appear on the screen. This bar is very much identical to the Xbox bar in Windows.

You can navigate to various features supported by Crown in the particular software. To navigate, all you have to do is to tap the creative input Dial.

Logitech Craft also comes backlit and senses motion, automatically turning on and off. The keyboard is available for both Windows and Mac. You will get both Windows as well as macOS keyCaps on the keyboard. You can use either Logitech wireless receiver or Bluetooth. You can connect three different devices simultaneously and can switch between with the help of buttons in the keyboard.

The keyboard is priced at $199 and will be available in October.