One of Trump's personal attorneys who is defending a meeting with the president's son and Russian citizens during the 2016 campaign, indicated that the meeting was attended by Donald Trump's Secret Service.

Jay Sekulow, a member of Trump’s legal team, said he wondered why the secret service if it was catastrophic, it allows those people to enter. The president had a secret service at the time, and that triggered the problem, he said.

Detailed investigation by the US Secret Service

In response to Sekulow’s e-mail comment on the issues, spokesperson for the Secret Service, Mason Bryan, said that Trump Jr.

was not confidential in June 2016, including two senior officials.

President Trump’s son attended a meeting with a Russian attorney in New York in 2016 during the US presidential election campaign after being informed that Hillary Clinton would be in danger of harmful details about his competitor Donald Trump.

According to an email published last week by Trump Jr., he met impatiently with his wife, telling her that she is a lawyer from the Russian government. A woman, Natalia Veselnitskaya, said that a private attorney refused to link with the Kremlin.

Reporters said on Friday that it was attended by a lobbyist for the Soviet counter-intelligence, Trump in-law, Jared Kushner, and Trump’s former campaign leader Paul Manafort.

Trump said he had no idea of the meeting for a few days.

Comments by Sekulow was quickly criticized, including Frances Townsend, who advises former Republican President George Bush on national security. Secret services have the task of physically protecting the US president. The agency also defends leading presidential candidates, but its role in investigating people who meet with the US president has a restriction to provide only physical security.

Probing the Russia controversy

Separate federal council and various congressional committees are investigating the allegations by the US intelligence service that Russia and its officials took part in the presidential election in 2016 to harm Clinton's reputation and sway the vote in favor of Trump.

They are also exploring possible links between Russian officials and the Trump campaign.

Moscow denied any collusion, and President and Trump Jr. denied the connection. Sen. Mark Warner, a senatorial Democrat for one of the investigating panels, has announced to the congressional committees that they have investigated the Russian controversy that he wants to hear all interested parties and trust Trump Jr. and they ask others near the president.