A man was shot dead by an Ohio State Trooper in the Vandalia area. The person who was killed was a suspect in a nearby homicide that occurred an hour before the shooting. According to New York Daily News, police identified the suspect as 36-year-old Cincinnati resident Dana Dubose. He was covered in blood when he stepped out of his vehicle and came face to face with the State Trooper.

How State Trooper discovered Dana Dubose

The State Trooper was not identified by police, but Patrol Lt. Robert Sellers said that the member of his team made a traffic stop before his patrol vehicle got rammed by Dubose.

Dubose rear-ended it with his own vehicle. It is unclear if Dubose intentionally hit the patrol car or if he lost control, New York Daily News shared.

Dubose then got out of his vehicle and attempted to advance toward the State Trooper with knife in hand. The State Trooper told him to drop the weapon but he did not obey the order. Dubose allegedly lunged at the State Trooper, and that was when he got shot. The shooting took place at around 1 a.m.

The trooper fired only one shot and Dubose was pronounced dead at the scene. The trooper, on the other hand, is recovering from injuries. Police did not say what injuries he suffered, nor what his current condition is.

Dana Dubose was a suspect in a stabbing incident

Dubose’s victim was identified only as a 32-year-old woman. It is unknown at this time whether Dubose knew the victim, or if they had any prior relationship. Motive is unclear at the moment, along with the circumstances surrounding the incident. The woman was found dead in a Murat Court home two minutes before midnight.

Suspect had past run-ins with the law

Dubose was convicted in the past for domestic violence and related charges, WCPO reported. There were eight restraining orders filed against him. A total of four women filed these orders dating back to 2001. He served four years in jail in 2008 due to violating a temporary restraining order after he broke into a woman’s home and choked her.

Dubose was also convicted of aggravated burglary.

His latest stint in prison was in 2015. He served two years for domestic violence and weapons while under disability. In this case, he grabbed a woman’s neck, threatened to kill her, and kicked down a door. He was just released from jail and was on probation.

At the time of this writing, the investigation is currently ongoing, and it will be interesting to see what else may come to light.