A 57-year-old man admitted to fathering many Children by donating his sperm. Mike Rubino of Los Angeles helped various women to conceive in various states. He was known as Donor 929, a desirable commodity during the 1990s as a sperm donor. He has blue eyes, physically fit, well-educated, and had no genetic disorder.

Sperm donor fathered children from different states

The female-recipients came from various states - California, New Mexico, Massachusetts, Hawaii, Louisiana, New York, Ohio, Arkansas, Colorado, and Maryland. Rubino was married for 10 years and had difficulty having children with his wife.

This has led him to help childless couples to have a child of their own. According to Orange County Register, he was able to meet 19 of his children and one of them even Lived with him. All his children call him “dad.”

Karen Strassberg, one of the women he has impregnated called him up and asked him if he wants to see his son. He met his son Jake when he was only 6 years old. Rubino agreed but Strassberg did not tell Jake that he was meeting his real father. But they had an instant connection according to the Inquisitr. Their relationship deepened from the time they met as Jake felt it was like meeting a “new best friend.” The sperm donor said that his son was a great kid.

Sperm donor lived with one of his children

Since the meeting Mike Rubino became a full-time father to Jake doing things that a father does for his son. Eventually, Karen and Mike agreed to purchase a house so that they can live together and Jake will have a normal family. Jake is now 19 years old and he developed a special love towards his father.

Rubino is trying to connect with his other children. He keeps a painting of each one of them in his home. The Internet means so much to him as his children connect to him via e-mail. One day, he received an email from a teenage girl from Denver telling him that if he is Donor 929, then he is her father.

Wendy Kramer, founder of the Donor Sibling Registry ,described Rubino as an ideal donor that every woman dreams to have.

His good looks was inherited by his son Jake who was equally good-looking. Mike Rubino said that only two pictures of his children were missing from his collection. Mike Rubino is fortunate that he is living life with one of his children.

In these days of adoption, surrogacy, and IVF, pregnancy through sperm donation is still a good option. The mother gets to carry her own child and she gets to choose the looks and qualities of her child's father.