Tricia Helfer, star of “Lucifer” and “Battlestar Galactica,” recalled a weird experience courtesy of a crazed fan. While in between shooting scenes for “The Firm” on NBC in 2012, she opened a fan mail. A syringe full of sperm fell out of the envelope. With the syringe was a stick drawing of a man, woman, and child. The note that came with the syringe said the male fan sent the semen to the actress so that when he comes over, they can be together and start their family, Page Six reported.

Syringe turned over to detectives

Helfer said the production people called the detectives who took the syringe as evidence against the crazed fan.

The 43-year-old actress said the detectives eventually found the sender-sperm donor. However, she did not share what happened to the crazed fan. She shared about the weird experience on Saturday at the “Battlestar Galactica” reunion panel at the ATX TV Festival, Inquistr reported. Unwanted and weird gifts from Fans is an experience not exclusive to Helfer. Other Celebrities have also received bizarre gifts from creepy fans.

Weird presents from fans

Jared Leto, for instance, got a severed human ear. The sender obviously was not the disturbed Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh who cut off his left earlobe. According to ABC, the official version of the story is Van Gogh cut his left ear with a razor.

He did it in a fit of lunacy after a row with French artist Paul Gauguin. Two German historians, however, claimed that Van Gogh lost his left ear in a fight with Gauguin.

Leto, unlike Helfer who was creeped out by the syringe full of sperm, even wore the severed human ear as a necklace. It only showed he and the crazed fan complemented each other.

It was another body part from a cat that rock star Alice Cooper received. The cat’s heart was inside a tiny coffin.

“Beauty and the Beast” actress Emma Watson once received 20 Bibles from fans. The Christian guide book was sent, Watson explained in a tweet in 2013, because people thought she needed some form of spiritual guidance because they perceived her “Harry Potter” character, Hermione Granger, as unchristian since the franchise movie that J.K.

Rowling wrote featured magic, spells, and wizardry perceived in Christian circles as forms of evil.

Finally, “Islands in the Stream” singer Dolly Parton did not receive a body part but a whole live baby. The infant, named “Jolene” after Parton’s hit song, was left on her doorstep. She called Child Protection Services to take care of the abandoned child.