Kelly’s lawyer said that in the future he would work assiduously and he would pursue the accusers convincingly, and eventually, he would clear the singers name. The allegations state that the singer, R. Kelly, has been holding six women forcefully in an abusive cult. The parents of those women have provided this statement. There are three members of the inner circle of this singer who also said the same. They reported it during an interview to the BuzzFeed. It came out to be an explosive story.

Background of the story

The girls who live with Robert Kelly aren’t allowed to speak for themselves, according to loved ones and some acquaintances of the singer.

The parents of some of the girls have come forward and said he controls every aspect of their lives. He has taken their cell phones and will not let them call their parents

R Kelly has been accused of indoctrinating women who attached to him and became close to him while trying to boost and enhance their musical careers. One of those six women said that he did not brainwash her. R Kelly has also been involved in the crime of sexual misconduct; however, he said that he was never embarrassed by it and never felt guilty.

According to the report, the parents of the three women said that they did not see or even speak to their daughters for months. They also alleged that the singer controlled the routines of all of them.

Kelly dictated to them and made certain rules for the women to follow. There were rules about eating, clothing, bathing time, and dictated sexual acts (when and where).

One of those women named Joycelyn Savage is 21 years old. She told the website of TMZ he did not keep her in a cult. In one of the videos, that were posted after the emergence of the allegations, she said that she was in a happy place in her life.

She also denied the accusations of being brainwashed.

The three former members who were a part of the inner circle of the singer reported in their interview about Kelly. They said that there were six women who lived in the properties that were managed by Kelly in similar circumstances. According to the report, the women are supposed to follow the rules; if they break them, he could punish them both physically as well as verbally.

R Kelly acts like he did not do anything

The parents of the women were anxious, and they also reported the police about their concerns. But the women were brainwashed to the extent that they denied everything and said that they were doing that on their own will. The singer’s lawyer stated that Kelly was both surprised as well as upset to face the revelations that were recently attributed to him.