A Florida motorist narrowly escaped from the clutches of death after an incredible metal pipe crashed his van. On Saturday, July 15, in the morning, a Mack truck driver lost control of his vehicle, colliding with the guardrail. His vehicle immediately overturned and was carrying scrap metal and was driving westward.

Florida man escapes death narrowly

As soon as the truck collided with the guardrail and tipped over, a massive metal pipe that the vehicle was carrying fell out and landed atop a Pontiac van which was behind it, immediately crushing it.

However, the driver of the car, Jesus Escobar, not only emerged alive but just endured minor injuries. The Highway Patrol told PEOPLE that the 36-year-old had a close shave and if the man was another feet to the left, he would have died.

The officers added that they had no idea what happened or how the accident took place. The pipe came crashing down right in the middle of the van and, miraculously, he emerged unscathed with just a scratch on his face. Luckily for him, he was not trapped inside the vehicle and was able to come out on his own after the accident.

The ramp is prone to accidents, say Florida Highway Patrol officers

Following his miraculous survival, Escobar was taken to the hospital and was soon released.

However, the truck driver, 33-year-old Antonio Santiago Wharton, was ticketed for careless driving and was found uninjured after his truck overturned. This incident is not an isolated one per officers as the ramp exit to Interstate 4 has been a site of numerous accidents and fatalities.

Many crashes have taken place in that area before.

If the driver comes in too fast, then they run a risk of hitting the guardrail and overturning, similar to the way the truck overturned. Prior to this accident, similar fatalities had taken place from semis coming in too fast and overturning as a result.

The officers were, however, amazed by Escobar's luck and miraculous escape.

The Highway Patrol revealed that the survival story is nothing short of a miracle and looking at the crash it is difficult to believe that the Florida man walked out with minor injuries. Escobar is fortunate to have gotten away with a few scratches they believe. Subsequent to the accident, the authorities announced that the ramp leading to westbound I-4 from State Road 528 will remain closed for the next several hours to give the cleaning crews the time to tidy the crash site.