Several thousand protesters rallied to the call for the impeachment of Donald Trump in the wake of his controversial attacks against media outlets and journalists. On Sunday, large numbers of people filled the streets of Los Angeles as they raised their banners and voices to demand the dismissal of the current president.

Protesters chanted 'Down with Trump' slogans

"Down, down, down with Trump! Up, up, up with the people," the protesters chanted in unison as they kicked off their march at Pershing Square. According to a Facebook page created for the rally, over 12,000 users signified that they were attending the event, making it one of the biggest impeachment rallies held in the United States.

According to the Huffington Post, the L.A. march was spearheaded by a group of volunteers who refused to name any partner agencies for the gathering.

"Impeachment is a political process, and it’s is enshrined in the Constitution. We cannot afford to have a president that breaks the law,” Tudor Popescu said, addressing the crowd. The organizer was referring to Trump's attempt to convince former FBI chief James Comey to drop their investigation of Michael Flynn's alleged involvement with Russia during the 2016 Presidential Election.

'We need a leader, not a creepy tweeter'

A protester said that this nation needs someone who will actually lead the American people and not someone who uses his power to belittle others.

The impeachment rally took place after Trump showed his unabashed behavior on social media where he specifically targeted MSNBC and CNN in his tirade.

Earlier last week, the POTUS slammed "Morning Joe" hosts Joe Scarboroough and Mika Brzezinski for allegedly making him the subject of their personal attacks in their talk show.

Trump even accused the female personality of having "low I.Q." and being "crazy," while he labeled her co-host a "psycho." His attacks particularly caught the attention of the public when he criticized Brzezinski for her looks during their previous encounter where she allegedly requested the president for an interview.

The female "Morning Joe" host, on the other hand, accused the U.S.

president of lying and slammed him for his sexist comments. Despite drawing backlash after his remarks against the two hosts, the leader refused to back down and even uploaded an edited video clip which featured him punching a man with CNN's logo on his face. The controversial post immediately went viral and has caused the media people to worry about Trump's promotion of violence against journalists.