"Vanderpump Rules" star stassi schroeder has been teasing her New York boyfriend on social media. Has the reality star finally moved on from her up-and-down relationship with Patrick Meagher? Fans are wondering if she's dating "Summer House" star Stephen McGee since she referred to him as her "boyfriend" on her Instagram account. The blonde starlet had the rumors swirling when she posted a photo of the two together at a lounge. Stassi is seen putting her arm on his shoulder and staring at him while he smiles into the camera.

But it looks like the two were chatting in her latest podcast called "Straight Up With Stassi."

A game of spin the bottle makes the dating rumors swirl

Fans assumed that Stassi Schroeder and Peter Madrigal would get back together. In the last episode of "Vanderpump Rules," the two revealed that they used to date back in the day. The casual mention came up during a game of Spin The Bottle, which the cast played during their alcohol-fueled trip to New Orleans. Stassi and Peter kissed a few times since their friends were trying to get them back together – or at least make out for the night.

Her fellow co-star Kristen Doute told The Daily Dish that she was weirded out by their kiss. She thinks it was the one of the moments that Stassi Schroeder should never attempt again.

Kristen admitted that she only got to see a few seconds of the longer kiss on TV as she was arguing with ex-boyfriend Tom Sandoval in an alley outside of the nightclub.

As for Peter, he admits that kissing Stassi Schroeder again was strange. He described their brief 2010 relationship as "oil and water" as they were complete opposites.

Stassi, on the other hand, didn't seem to mind kissing her old flame and lamented that she at least got to make out with someone during the trip. She has since split from her boyfriend of two years, Patrick Meagher, last summer.

Stassi Schroeder not emotionally ready for a new relationship

While she looks anxious to find a new man on the show, she told In Touch Magazine that she has no desire to find a new boyfriend.

Last summer was when Stassi Schroeder was more interested in getting back out into the dating field. Since she didn't meet any great guys, she is feeling "exhausted" from getting back out there. In a previous interview with Page Six, she said that she wasn't "emotionally stable" enough to enjoy Valentine's Day. Stassi Schroeder said the holiday makes her feel suicidal. These comments come after she posted a suicidal tweet a few months ago. The 28-year-old revealed that she had a breakdown on Twitter, causing her friends to wonder if she wanted to end her life.

Stassi Schroeder was not happy with how she was portrayed in the latest season of "Vanderpump Rules," an insider told Radar Online. She no longer wants to be the "mean girl" of the group again and she believes the editing went too far this time around.

Schroeder only took a temporary break on social media, she's now actively tweeting, snapping, and posting selfies. However, she is not active as she was in the past.

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