The Ohio State Fair turned into a nightmare for eight visitors when one of the rides - the Fire Ball - malfunctioned and ended up killing an 18-year-old and critically injuring seven others. The deceased has been identified as Tyler Jarrell, a resident of Columbus, Ohio, who was pronounced dead immediately. The unfortunate incident left four others injured, who require surgeries owing to the critical injuries they sustained.

What happened and led to the unfortunate accident?

According to Columbus fire battalion Chief Steve Martin, one of the rows of the Fire Ball snapped off while the ride was still functioning and was in mid-air.

The ride in question was built by KMG, a Dutch company and was made in the Netherlands. The spokesperson of the company revealed to NBC that there are eleven such rides in the whole of the US and none of them have ever reported any serious malfunctions as this one. The manufacturer was shocked and deeply saddened by the incident. The company was constantly over the phone with the rescue workers to help them figure out how to evacuate people who were still stuck in their seats.

Ohio Governor John Kasich has ordered all the rides at the State Fair to stay shut until further notice. The victims of this horrific incident range from 14 to 42 years old. All the rides at the State Fair are thoroughly checked before they are made available to the visitors.

A video of the whole incident was retrieved by the authorities. In the video, one can see the large arm of the ride in mid-air, in motion above its’ platform. Suddenly, a crashing sound is heard and four passenger seats can be seen getting flung in the air with people still in it.

Was there an inspection done before the fair commenced?

The records of the inspections conducted by the officials before the Fair commenced show no sign of any problem in the Fire Ball ride, which malfunctioned. It was the first day of the fair when the incident took place and killed an 18-year-old.

Before any ride is used in a fair, they undergo thorough checking and inspection to determine how safe they are for the visitors to ride.

The ride which malfunctioned was made in 1998 by KMG. The company wasn’t involved in direct maintenance or inspection of the ride, which was present at the Ohio State Fair. There are 43 rides present all around the world and this one was the first major malfunction-related accident that has ever occurred.