With all the bad press about cops these days, sometimes it's good to hear a happier story. This one hails from Asheville, North Carolina. Two officers with the Asheville Police Department were called out to a Fourth of July block party on Sunday after a Noise Complaint was received. Having established that the “noise” was just a bunch of kids having fun, they tried out the giant slip-and-slide themselves – in full uniform. Naturally, the kids loved it.

Asheville PD called out over Fourth of July block party

A call was made to the Asheville Police Department about the block party, saying there was a lot of noise and that the giant slip-and-slide was blocking the road.

However, Asheville police spokeswoman Christina Hallingse said that upon arrival, the two officers quickly noted that the noise was just the sound of kids having fun on the Fourth of July holiday. She added that they also established that the slide had been positioned in such a way that cars/emergency vehicles could easily drive through.

Having established that all was well, instead of stopping the party, they joined in instead. Officers Carrie Lee and Joe Jones quickly became the most popular people at the party, after they slid down the slip-and-slide in full uniform.

When it's hot, why not?

As noted by USA Today, the Asheville PD soon took to their Facebook page to post about the incident, saying when it’s hot and you get called out to a street complaint, then find that there’s a giant slip-and-slide, why not take advantage? Residents in the area took video footage of the two officers and posted it on Facebook, where the videos were quickly shared by the police.

One video shows Lee using a trash bag to propel herself down the slip-and-slide, while another shows Jones being pushed down the slide on an inflated raft. The police department captioned the videos, saying that it was Officers Jones and Lee having a refreshing moment with some kids in Oakley.

Asheville Police are a hit on social media

The videos soon went viral, with close to 300,000 views at the time of this writing, with hundreds of positive comments. Many wrote that it was good to see the police officers interacting with the kids in such a fun way. Others said that it was a good way to improve “community relations.” Many agreed that it was a day the children would remember for a long time.

Katlen Joyce Smith, one of the neighbors, told ABC News that people were initially nervous when the police showed up, but they were totally shocked when the officers asked if they could join in.

Smith said when the female officer asked them for a garbage bag, they almost didn’t believe it, but the officer took off her radio and off she went on the slip-and-slide. Smith said that when they were ready to go the officers told them what a great day they had and even posed for photographs, thanking them for the fun.