Bomb threats are arriving at businesses nationwide the old-fashioned way – via fax. While it appears to be a scam, the fact that they come in the wake of recent terror attacks can only make people nervous.

Atlanta police evacuate businesses over fax bomb threats

As reported by 11 Alive, Atlanta police are investigating several separate bomb threats which came through via fax. According to Atlanta police, their Homeland Security Unit is investigating several threats to businesses in the Upper Westside of the city. In each case the bomb threats were made in a fax, demanding a certain amount of money to be wired to a particular account by May 31.

In each case, the premises of the business who received the fax were evacuated for safety.

New York City hit by faxed threats

The New York Daily News notes that a similar situation exists in New York City, with various businesses receiving the threatening faxes. In that report the sender of the faxes alleges himself to be one Emerson Eduardo Rodriguez Setim.

The faxes have hit five businesses in the Midtown area, including an accounting firm, a skin care spa and a real estate firm. According to the police, the person who sent each fax bomb threat claimed to have placed several explosives in the building and demanded payment of $25,000, failing which he would blow up the entire block.

Setim, who claims he is from Russia, gave each business 24 hours to pay, giving details on how to pay the ransom via Western Union.

Police sources went on to say the suspect had sent a total of 18 fax bomb threats and while police were thorough in evacuating each business and searching the premises, no explosives were found and no one was injured.

According to the police, even though they did investigate each faxed business, they do not believe “Setim” to be a serious threat, with one police source saying if the man is a terrorist, he is not very good at it.

Faxes received in Asheville, NC

The Citizen Times reports that businesses in Asheville, North Carolina also received fax bomb threats.

In each case the “terrorist” demanded $25,000 or he would blow up the building. In that report, the ransom was also to be paid via Western Union, but to a Brazilian citizen. Christina Hallingse, a spokeswoman for the Asheville Police warned local businesses that the fax threats are the result of a nationwide scam, adding that some businesses did also receive the bomb threats via email.

Hallingse went on to say that despite the fact the faxes appear to be a hoax, people should still be cautious and remain aware of their surroundings and should report any suspicious items seen in the area. The Asheville Police Department also warned against sending money to unknown individuals.

According to the video below, businesses in the Greater Cleveland area were also hit by the scam, via both fax and email.