The two most influential leaders in the technology industry do not agree with each other on the matter of Artificial Intelligence. Elon Musk, the Chief Executive Officer of Tesla Motors, posted his tweet that he had talked to Zuckerberg about the matter. He also said that Zuckerberg’s comprehension related to AI was limited.

There are two groups of people distinguished on the basis of the two perspectives. One perspective is that the benefits of artificial intelligence would outweigh its negativities and the other perspective is that there is a possibility that the Artificial Intelligence will ultimately be a threat to mankind's existence.

Mark Zuckerberg’s comments on the matter:

The comments provided by Mark Zuckerberg were supposed to be a part of the informal live chat on Facebook. One of the viewers asked about the latest interview of Elon Musk. In that interview, Musk expressed his fear about the future of AI.

As a reply to that viewer, Mark Zuckerberg replied that he had solid opinions about that matter. He revealed that he is optimistic nature and his belief in making the world better by making new discoveries. He specifically mentioned the concept of Artificial Intelligence and his optimism affiliated with it. He also said that he did not understand the thinking of those people who make their efforts for drumming up the scenarios of the doomsday.

He declared it to be a cynical and wholly irresponsible act. Zuckerberg showed his belief that AI would bring lots of improvements in the lives of everyone around in the coming five to ten years. He made his argument more forceful by talking about the technology of safer cars based on the concept of Intelligence.

Elon Musk’s warnings

On the other side, Mr. Elon Musk began to warn the people about the destructive aspect of Artificial Intelligence. He also mentioned it as the "biggest existential threat.” Musk also has founded a non-profit organization named as OpenAI that is constantly making efforts for the "safer artificial intelligence."

Along with Elon Musk, Bill Gates also has shown his concerns about the destructive side and the threats of Artificial Intelligence.

However, Zuckerberg kept on saying that Artificial Intelligence would make the lives of people on the earth better. Some of the features of Facebook are also based on the concept of Artificial Intelligence like image tagging, etc.