Chester Bennington’s death last week brought shock waves across the music community. The Linkin Park vocalist was announced dead after committing suicide in his home in Palos Verdes. Fans around the globe also offered their thoughts and prayers, as the world lost a legendary musician.

According to Daily Mail, Chester Bennington’s mourning family are keeping his funeral to friends and family only. Interestingly, the family will be giving fans an opportunity to see their hero one more time. Here is everything it in a nutshell.

Friends and family only

Bennington’s bereaved family will not open the doors of the funeral to the media, except for the closest of friends and family. As of this writing, they are already considering a final date to allow fans to see the vocalist one more time. This will be some sort of public goodbye, though the family has yet to provide a specific date. It also remains a mystery if Bennington will be buried next to his close friend Chris Cornell. However, TMZ’s sources note that the family is a bit reluctant. Not because they do not want the singer to be buried next to Cornell, but they just believe the location is quite public. The said location is at Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

Chester Bennington was reportedly battling depression, an infamous mental health issue that has already claimed thousands of lives.

This illness even grew following the death of Soundgarden’s vocalist Chris Cornell. Mike Shinoda, the other vocalist of Linkin Park, said that Bennington was greatly affected by the passing of Cornell. This sadness was even evident in their previous concert. There are those who believe that the “One More Light” album was somehow inspired by Bennington’s mourning.

With his passing, many are wondering if the band will still continue.

No one can replace Chester

Linkin Park, in an official statement on Monday, said that they could never replace Chester Bennington even after his death. They acknowledged the fact that his “demons” were the fuel of this music. The group was even uncertain about their future, as Chester was among the cornerstones of the band.

The chart-topping California-based group hailed the “outpouring of support and love” from the fans and music community.

Chester Bennington, 41, was very vocal about this addiction to drugs and alcohol. He also opened up about being molested when he was still a child. This, in particular, reportedly contributed to his depression. In times, he would convey about having a low self-image due to the said molestation. Bennington’s was found dead by his employee. He used a belt to strangle his neck, killing him in the process.