A mother from Washington pleaded with other moms all over the world to not send their babies to bed with blankets around them. She just lost her seven-month-old Son after he got caught in one of the blankets when he went to sleep.

The mother, Jordan DeRosier, took to Facebook to talk about what happened to her son. In her first lengthy Facebook post regarding the incident, DeRosier said she found her baby before 10 a.m. and noticed that her son, Sloan, was lying on his tummy. She also saw that a Blanket was over her son's head and when she went to touch him, he was already cold, WFTV 9 reported.

The mother went to get her husband and they took their son to the kitchen counter to perform CPR on him.

Neighbors came in to help

The neighbors heard the cries of the parents of Sloan and came in to help them, too. The two neighbors took turns pumping the chest of Sloan for 20 minutes before emergency responders arrived. A paramedic talked to the family 30 minutes later and told them they could not save the boy’s life. DeRosier had nothing to say but, “Oh my baby, my baby, I’m so sorry.”

Detectives took photos of the room of Sloan and got some of his items for evidence. They also let DeRosier reenact how she put Sloan to sleep that night and how he found him that morning. Her husband Justin, was also questioned by police.

Mother sets record straight: Vaccines did not kill her son

Aside from revealing what happened to her son and how their life changed in a matter of hours since she put her baby to sleep, DeRosier took to her Facebook page to clarify that vaccines did not kill their son.

On her post, she said she no longer wanted to detail why her son died because of her guilt and feared she would be condemned by other people.

She decided to post another message related to her son’s death because she cannot allow people to blame something that did not do anything.

DeRosier said she sent her son to bed with a blanked made by his great grandmother plus one more blanket that has been attached to the baby since birth. The second blanket was what got tangled with his head.

She then pleaded, “Please do not put your babies to bed with a blanket. Please.” She noted that she decided to have him sleep with blankets around him because he was already seven months old but she was wrong for thinking it was okay.

She posted the second status alongside a photo with her older son. In the snap, DeRosier clung to the blanket of her baby while crying. Her older son was asleep by her side. She said what people saw in the photo is the face of immense and unfathomable grief, longing, heartbreak, and guilt. She ended her post by saying she will never stop feeling responsible in the death of her son and pleaded once again for parents all over the world to learn from her world shattering mistake.

Sloan was conceived after the couple suffered from a miscarriage. A page set up to ask for donations for the family has been set up. It will help with funeral and memorial costs. It has raised more than $16,000 of the $25,000 goal.