An Oklahoma mother and two children were killed in a Car Accident on I-35 near the Oklahoma town of Purcell on Monday, July 17th. The mother was traveling northbound when she ran into a semi-truck. According to a report by KWTV Channel 9 News in Oklahoma City on Tuesday, July 18, Erin Van Horn was transported to a hospital in Purcell where she was pronounced dead.

Erin Van Horn's 10-year-old son, Zach, was pronounced dead at the scene. Beck Kitterman, who was 11 years old was also pronounced dead at the scene. The other four children were taken to local hospitals.

Those in the accident we going back home to Jenks, Oklahoma, from Turner Falls. That is when the mother ran into the semi-truck. According to the previously mentioned report from KWTV Channel 9 News, the cause of the car accident is still under investigation.

The car accident closed the northbound portion of I-35 for almost three hours. Four medical helicopters were on the scene. The Oklahoma Highway Patrol are still investigating the cause of the accident that claimed the lives of one woman and two children.

Little girl on life support

Lizzie Edwards, who is 13-years-old, is currently on life support in an Oklahoma City hospital. Rumors were the little girl had been taken off life support. Those rumors were not accurate.

She is still on life support and the family is waiting for a brain scan.

According to the previously mentioned news report by KWTV Channel 9 News in Oklahoma City, there are two other 13-year-old girls are in critical condition. At the time of publication, the nature of their specific injuries were unknown. A seven-year-old girl, also in the car accident, has no major injuries.

The driver of the semi-truck was not injured when the SUV rear ended the truck he was driving.

Jenks, Oklahoma mourns the loss of three residents

The Small Town of Jenks, Oklahoma is still in shock following the accident that killed three of their residents. According to the previously mentioned report by KWTV Channel 9, a resident of Jenks said they would “stand tall,” “be strong” and “be there for each other.”

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What could have a caused a woman with a car full of children to rear end a semi-truck on the highway? Could there have been a mechanical problem that kept her from stopping? Was she distracted? How can the families and their community come through such a horrific tragedy? Please share your thoughts and feelings in the comment section below.