A Man drove a van into a crowd of Muslims outside a London mosque. The Muslims were leaving the mosque after Ramadan prayers. According to a report by Fox News on January 19, only one man was killed.

The London police quickly captured the driver suspected of driving into the crowd. He was taken to a local hospital. At the hospital, he will undergo a mental health evaluation.

Blows kiss to the crowd

According to the previously mentioned Fox News report, there is video footage of the suspect blowing a kiss to the bystanders. He did this as he was being taken away from the crowd.

Fox News did not include any information about the person(s) who filmed the alleged kiss to the crowd of onlookers.

The motives of the man are currently unknown. London has been attacked many times in the past several weeks. The deadliest attack was after an Ariana Grande concert. Several children were killed during that terrorist attack. There was another attack on the famed London Bridge.

One death and several injuries

There was at least one death outside the mosque in London. Ten others were injured. The London police said the people who were hurt were members of the Islamic community. Those injured were leaving the mosque after Ramadan prayers.

Three different and unnamed hospitals treated eight of the ten injured Muslims.

Two of the ten hurt were treated at the scene. It was reported those two people only had minor injuries.

It is unknown if the person who died was killed by the van. Witnesses said they saw one person being given chest compression. It is possible the person died from other causes as there were also reports of a man lying ill on the pavement.

At the time of publication, the cause of death had yet to be determined.

Theresa May, the prime minister, said the incident was going to be treated as an Act Of Terrorism. She went on to say that the man acted alone, despite some reports that people were seen getting out of the van and running away.

Prime Minister May also stated this latest incident was “sickening.”

London's Muslim mayor takes action

Leaders in the London Muslim community are asking for additional security. The Mayor Of London, Sadiq Khan, said there would be extra police. Khan is the first Muslim to be elected and serve as the mayor of London.

Let us know what you think? Was this an act of terrorism? Is the prime minister doing enough to keep the citizens of London safe? What do you think should be done to keep London safe? Is there anything that can be done to keep people safe from terrorism? Share your thoughts in comment section below.