Reality TV star Kim Kardashian has always been vocal of her wish to have a big family. This year, during the airing of her Reality Tv Show “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” she stated that she wants more children with her rapper husband Kanye West. The celebrity TV star was also candid about her fertility issues, which prevented her from carrying the couple’s third child. Eventually Kim opted for surrogacy and now according to the US Weekly, the surrogate carrying Kim and Kanye’s baby number three is three months pregnant. Thus, we can expect to see the new member or members of the Kardashian-West family by 2018 January.

Third child in January 2018?

According to reports, the celebrity couple opted for surrogacy in June and announced their plans on having another baby through the same. Kim has been candid about her craving to have more children in her reality TV show and also shared the health issue she faced during her last two pregnancies. Before taking on a surrogate, Kim consulted a fertility specialist, Dr. Wong, who advised her against carrying the baby stating that her third pregnancy would be a high-risk one. Following the doctor’s advice Kim decided to go for surrogacy.

In one of the episodes of KUWTK in April, Kim is heard saying to her mother Kris Jenner, that she has accepted that she cannot carry one more baby and has decided to “explore” surrogacy.

The decision to hire a surrogate came after Kim wrote a blog detailing her struggles with a rare and serious condition called placenta accrete, where the placenta does not detach from uterus during childbirth. Apart from the due date of the baby, the gender has not been revealed as well. Kim has a daughter North, 4 and a son Saint, 19 month with rapper Kanye.

Lucrative deal struck with surrogate carrying Kim’s baby

According to celebrity and lifestyle publication TMZ, Kanye and Kim are reportedly paying the surrogate a total of $45,000 in ten installments, each of $4,500. Apart from this the celebrity couple are also paying a hefty deposit of $68,850 to the agency which contacted the surrogate.

From their side Kim has a set of wellness rules that the surrogate would have to bid by. The rules include a standard ban on smoking, drinking, and drug use. As a precaution the surrogate while carrying the celebrity’s baby would also have to refrain from using hot tubs, handling cat littler, using saunas, and eating raw fish. In case the surrogate conceives more than one child she would receive an additional $5,000 and $4,000 if she loses her reproductive system due to complications during the pregnancy.