Donald Trump's sons are said to be unhappy since their father became President of the United States. Their lives have been turned upside down as they find themselves under scrutiny at every turn. This is especially true for Donald Trump Jr., who is allegedly "miserable." Perhaps this is due, in large part, to his participation in a meeting with a Russian attorney connected to the highest levels of government. This meeting was a futile effort to get compromising information on Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential campaign. He's embroiled in a scandal he never thought would catch up with him.

Donald Trump, Jr. having the hardest time

Although Don, Jr.'s father defended his actions by proclaiming anyone would've done what his son did, a source who's done business with the president tells People that "failure and mistakes" are unacceptable to him. There has to be justification to exist in his orbit. Ivanka Trump is known to be the president's favorite child and she along with husband, Jared Kushner, have offices in the White House and work with him side-by-side.

According to the report, Don, Jr. is having the most difficult time adjusting to life after the election. He values quiet outdoor pursuits that include hunting and fishing. He, his wife, Vanessa, and their kids often venture out to rural Rosco, New York to unplug.

Needless to say, his life is nothing like it once was now that Secret Service is all around them and the scrutiny he's currently under has brightened the glaring spotlight on him even more.

Both Trump sons hate new lives

Donald Trump's other son, Eric, is less controversial at this point. He's about the only one not up to his neck in problems since his father was elected president.

A friend of both Trump's sons tells People that neither one are thrilled about their new lives.

"Eric and Don, they never wanted this," said the friend.

A second source explains that Don, Jr. "can’t do any deals, because he’ll be overly scrutinized. He just goes to work every day and is miserable.”

Friends of Trump's sons add that whatever consequences Don, Jr.

will face as a result of his actions meeting with the Russian lawyer won't waiver support for his father. He'll stay loyal to him. As one friend puts it, "loyalty within this family is insane." Neither Don, Jr. nor Eric would say anything against their dad because they can't "bit the hand" that feeds them. The source continues that both sons "cant wait for these four years to be over."

Does it surprise you to learn that Donald Trump's sons are unhappy and miserable with their father as president? They show emphatic support for their father, but how much are they suppressing their true feelings?