After various controversies and debates, finally, the US President Donald Trump is expected to visit the UK in 2018. The White House and Downing Street are apparently looking at possibilities for Trump's visit to the country. The British Prime Minister Theresa May invited the US President when she visited Washington in January. Trump accepted the invitation, but the visit had been prolonging due to protests in the UK.

There had been various controversies for his visit, and that was the reason why Donald Trump had changed his mind. The President said that he will not visit the UK because there were chances of a protest against him.

According to BBC, almost two million people had signed various petitions to prevent Trump's state visit.

What is the reason for the protests against Trump?

There are indeed several reasons for a protest against Trump's state visit. Superior politicians in the UK like Jeremey Corbyn and Tim Farron objected the visit by saying Donald Trump is "an embarrassment to America." Some of the politicians said that the President was invited too soon after he took office. The former US President Barack Obama was invited to the UK after two and a half years into his first term.

It seems that the British Prime Minister extended her invitation to Trump just after he introduced the travel ban from seven Muslim countries.

The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan had also argued with Trump for his travel ban measures. He stated that the UK should not lay down the red carpet for the President of the United States because his policies are totally against the country.

The White House has not confirmed the President's visit

The White House has still not confirmed Donald Trump's visit to the UK.

There has been no specific date as to when he would leave for the state visit. Previously, October was supposed to be the month, but it appears it would only happen next year. The Queen of England has also not mentioned anything in her last speech.

After becoming a monarch in 1952, the Queen has received 109 state visits. Usually, the state visits have a political approach, but it is also a very grand occasion.

That said, the date of the President's visit is yet to be confirmed.

Trump made it clear that he will not go forward until the British public supported his coming. The invitation is still criticized by some people in the UK. The British government was also asked to cancel the visit after Trump's response to the London Bridge terrorist attack.