Donald Trump, the 45th president of the United States, wants to use his lawsuit immunity as president and apply it to his ongoing sexual assault Case filed in October 2016 by a former “Apprentice” contestant. The incident happened inside a hotel room where Trump kissed and held the breasts of Summer Zervos in 2007. The current president extended an invitation to dinner at that time but his response to the lawsuit was a denial.

In January this year, Zervos filed a defamation case against the former “Apprentice” host on the ground that he denied and made the victim appear to be a liar and a villain.

Donald Trump wants sexual assault case discontinued

Now Donald Trump wants to stop the hearing of the case because he is the president as reported by the Huffington Post. He and his lawyer, Marc Kazowitz, cited the “Clinton vs. Jones” case for presidential immunity. However, their argument was weakened as the Bill Clinton case continued during the former president’s term.

Kazowitz filed a request in court halting the hearing of the Zervos case which was filed in January. He alleged that Zervos was out to interfere with the president’s performance of his duties as head of state. The filing questioned the motives of Zervos and her lawyer women’s rights advocate Gloria Allred.

Kazowitz also claimed that the lawsuit was filed to possibly have a ground for the impeachment of the current president.

According to the lawyer, the complainant was not subjected to ridicule, contempt, and hatred. The Hill reported that Trump’s counsel wants a deferment if not a dismissal of the case claiming that it is intended to defame the 71-year-old president.

Zervos can drop case if Trump admits truth

Zervos who passed a lie detector test before the case filing claims $3,000 in damages and wants Donald Trump to publicly admit the truth.

It seems a remote possibility since the president denied the victim’s allegations.

During his campaign, Ivanka Trump’s father claimed that Zervos was out to taint his image and to stop him from becoming president. He also called the case a “hoax.” During the entire campaign period, 11 women accused the then-candidate of sexual assault after the “Access Hollywood” video surfaced.

Allred said that sitting presidents can be sued for their conduct and bad behavior in private before their election. She referred to the Supreme Court ruling of 1997. If the court grants the dismissal of the case which is hoped to happen soon, more women activists will come out to continue their battle against degradation of women. Donald Trump’s presidency was welcomed with a massive women’s protest.